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The cost effective insulation for

temperature controlled packaging


From Avery Dennison

Reinforced VIPs for Thermal Shipping

Vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) are the undisputed top-of-the-line insulation solution for temperature controlled packaging. With durable ThermaVIP+, they're now a robust yet competitively-priced option.

ThermaVIP+ vacuum insulation panels deliver up to 7 times more effective insulation than standard materials, saving space, increasing payload and reducing shipping volume.

ThermaVIP+ is the ideal insulation for thermal packaging systems used in clinical trials, laboratory shipping, and last-mile vaccination distribution.

Use ThermaVIP+ panels to upgrade your existing cold-chain packaging, or develop with us customized solutions.

Shipping box with reinforced vacuum insulation panels
High performing




Prolongs transit time




Saves space

cost effective

Cost effective


Offers top line solution,





Rely, Reuse, Relax

   Air shipment, 72 hours, 2-8 °C - 15 L payload volume   

Space savings comparison

Exterior volume required to achieve the same thermal performance and internal volume

Outer volume - 125 L
Outer volume - 115 L
Outer volume - 41 L

Maximal payload efficiency - increasing internal volume by 
up to 7 times!*

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   Air Shipment, 72 hours, 2-8 °C  -  115 L outer volume   

Internal payload volume comparison

For same size packaging (115 L)

Additional cost savings from reduction in coolant requirement**

Inner volume - 21.5 L
Inner volume - 38 L
Inner volume - 58 L

Exceptional and reliable performance

Thermal reliability

Temperature controlled packaging with ThermaVIP+ is compliant to ISTA 7D, and validated for internal temperatures of 15-25 °C, 2-8 °C and -25--15 °C for various transit time periods, including 120+ hours.

ASTM D3103 compliant testing
astmArtboard 51.png

Mechanical resilience

ThemaVIP+ reinforced panels comply with ASTM D7386, and ensure optimal performance throughout the rigors of transit, storage, and re-assembly.

Operational excellence

The Avery Dennison advantage

Vast experience

With 20 years of proficiency in the field of insulation, Avery Dennison has developed market leading VIP solutions for the appliance, construction, and thermal packaging markets. 


Technical expertise

Avery Dennison has unrivaled technological resources, experience, and know-how: its outstanding VIP-dedicated laboratory and technical team comprise globally-renowned experts in the field of thermal insulation.

Comprehensive cold-chain solutions

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 *According to calculated comparative testing using proprietary software. 

** Compared to solutions using traditional insulation.

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